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Love playing with Striker's Adult Leagues. 

 Communicaton is great and Refs are professional and fair. I feel safe and look forward to every match.

Striker Soccer provides a Men's, Women's, Co-Ed and over 35 League. We have absolute beginners to ex-soccer professionals, so whatever your age, gender or ability, if you like and want to play soccer, our adult leagues are for you!

Our Soccer Leagues foster a community spirit and we encourage good sportsmanship and camaraderie among all of our players. We also socialize off the field too! Why not unwind and replenish those burned calories with a couple of beers with your teammates at our sponsored bar after the game?!

Our upcoming adult programs are listed below. 

You may register for one of our soccer leagues as a team or as an individual. 

8v8 Adult Co-Ed 

Friday Evenings

Walker Field, Downtown Winter Garden

New! 8v8 Season starts Jan 14th 2022!

Friday Night Soccer is Back!

Start Date: Jan 14th 2022

Game Times: 6.45, 7.45, 8.45pm

Field: Walker Field, Winter Garden

Fee: $75 Per Player

Registration Now Open!

4v4 Adult Soccer

Wednesday Evenings

Walker Field, Winter Garden

Next 4v4 season January 12th 2022

Divisions include: Co-ed, Womens, Men's recreational, men's competitive and Men's over 35.

Start Date: January 12th, 2022

Field: Walker Field, Winter Garden.

Fee: $70 Per Player on 1 team

or $130 per player on 2.

Time: 6:50pm-9:15pm

Registration Now Open

11v11 Adult Co-Ed 

Sunday Mornings

West Orange Soccer Complex, 

Winter Garden

Anticipated Start Date: Jan 23rd 2022

Game Times: 9am, 11am

Field: West Orange Soccer Complex, Winter Garden

Fee: $80 Per Player

Minimum of 3 Females on Field at all times (not including GK)

Registration Now Open!

NEW! 8v8 Mens Soccer

Sunday Evenings

West Orange Soccer Complex, 

Winter Garden

Anticipated Start Date: January 23rd, 2022

Field: West Orange Soccer Complex, Winter Garden.

Fee: $75 per person.

Time: 5pm-7pm

Registration Now Open

New Program! SOCCER 2 SLIM

Welcome to Soccer2Slim. This program is designed to help those of us who have piled on some extra pounds, and would like help in shedding them! We aim to provide a supportive environment for a community of people, all with the same goals and objectives, and make losing some weight fun and rewarding. To be a part of this program you have to have a BMI (Body Mass Index of over 26) and you can check your BMI using this link.

We also provide an incentive for your weight loss efforts!  Teams will not only earn points for their game results, but also for their collective weight loss that they achieve as a team. Additionally, there will also be individual incentives and a separate league table kept to chart the individual progress of each player.

We also aim to partner with health professionals to assist with our program who can provide professional tips to help achieve weight loss goals.

This program's objective is to create a fun and supportive environment where all of us that are packing a few extra pounds, can come together and achieve the same objectives. Losing weight alone can be a tough and lonely task, but doing so, in a like minded peer group, while playing a fun sport and with each other's support, we can all be winners!

The pro​gram runs weekly on Sunday mornings. Our players will meet at 9am, and each will weigh in prior to playing in small sided soccer games. Your weight will be kept private, but the amount of weight lost will be tracked. 

As the program grows, players will be assigned teams that will be YOUR team for the season. The games will be on a smaller field, and with our end goal being to lose weight in a controlled, fun environment where over-competitiveness is discouraged! 

Anticipated Start Date:  Sunday Feb 6th - Mar 27th

Time:  Sundays 9am-10:15am

Location: Windermere.

Cost: $100 

Register for Soccer2Slim Here