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11v11 AND Sunday 8v8 Adult Registration is now OPEN for spring!

Summer Camps!

Striker Soccer is pleased to offer the following Summer Camps in partnership with the Roper YMCA!

Striker Soccer will be having 3 Summer Camps this 2016 year. Ages range from 5-12 years of age. Our Soccer Summer Camp begins at 9am until 12 Noon at the YMCA soccer fields in Winter Garden. Parents have the option of adding the afternoon YMCA Camp to make a full and varied day. 

Half Day Soccer Camp: 9am - 12 noon

Players will receive instruction and learn techniques to develop their soccer skills from English ex-professional soccer player and USSF 'A' License coach Steve Crane and his supporting staff. Children play in house games, activities and challenging scrimmages in a fun filled environment with fun competitions and awards given. The Camp is held at the Soccer fields at the YMCA Roper in Winter Garden.

Full Day Option:

Following our morning Soccer Camp, Parents have the option of adding the YMCA's afternoon Camp to make a full and varied day. Players remain at the YMCA for lunch and then participate in fun recreational activities throughout the afternoon including swimming, snacks and a variety of games. Parents can collect their children anytime between 4.30pm until 6pm. (Note, children will need to bring their own lunch under the full day option).

Register Your Child for Summer Camp



100 Windermere Rd

Winter Garden

FL 34787


JUNE 27TH - JULY 1ST 2016

JULY 25TH-29TH 2016

AUGUST 8TH-12TH 2016

Weekly Cost:

Half Day Option: (9am-12 noon)

$135 per child.  

Full Day Option: (9am - 6pm)

$195 per child.

($35 Sibling discount also available)


This week's session explores dribbling techniques in order to gain better ball skills and manipulation. It doesn't matter how fast you are, if you can't dribble you will be ineffective on the field. The session will include proper techniques, how to beat your opponent, learning tricks and fun team games, finishing with scrimmages.


Ball striking is the art of kicking the ball cleanly in order to create power, accuracy, swerve and spin. The techniques are simple but seldom taught, so with this class your player will be one step ahead of the game and be able to pass and shoot with confidence. The session will include lots of shooting drills and games designed to enhance the ball striking skills we'll be teaching, as always followed by a fun scrimmage.

Week 3: PASSING.

One of the most important aspects of a soccer player's tool box is their passing ability. We teach the correct passing techniques, explore which parts or the foot are used for different kinds of passes, as well as the importance of the weight of each pass. The session will include passing games, small sided passing games followed by scrimmages.


Defense is the first line of offense, so it's important that players understand how to win the ball from an opponent and then to begin an attack. Being fast, big and strong helps as a defender however, the correct defensive body positioning, tactics and timing are far more important. In this session we teach correct positioning, how to trap your opponent, how to win the ball from your opponent, tackling technique and how to start an attack. We will have lost of individual defensive games, small sided defensive games followed by scrimmages.


If you don't score goals you can't win games! This very important session teaches your player the fundamentals of shooting, hitting the targets and how to score in 1 v 1 situations. This session will involve lots of shots on goal, from different angles, to attacking and finishing crosses, as well as penalty kick competitions. 


Being able to kill a ball instantly as it is passed to you is a difficult skill. Done correctly, it allows the player to do whatever they like with their next touch. Done incorrectly, it could lead to a loss of possession or a tackle. Here we teach proper technique for controlling balls from all angles, heights and at different speeds. Once mastered, controlling the soccer ball allows your player to be a cut above the rest. The session will include technical training, games and scrimmages.


This session will be devoted to teamwork. We want all of our players to be individually creative and empowered but also to recognize the importance of playing as part of a team. We work on situational awareness and how the teams functions to be successful. This session will include small sided games based around team ethics and scrimmages.


This final session of the program will explore all the best bits of the previous seven weeks. Coaches will work on areas where the players may need extra coaching, alongside the fun bits the players really enjoyed. There will also be an extended scrimmage to round of the program prior to medal presentation.